IROQ Amstaffs Breeding for Temperament, Power, and Grace


Welcome to Marion and Steve Green’s Iroq Amstaffs! Iroq Amstaffs was established in 2001, we are a small kennel located in the Southern suburbs of Perth, WA. We have spent many years researching pedigrees, going over dogs, talking, and learning from people we respect in and outside of our breed. We raise our litters as though they were our own children and put in the same effort finding them loving forever homes.

We believe in betterment of the breed, and as such health test all dogs that are to be used in our breed program; we have the hip and elbow results for every Amstaff used since 2001. Attaxia testing has been completed to all dogs within our breed program. Marion’s background as an orthopaedic specialist nurse has been invaluable in understanding health test results.

We strive to put puppies on this planet that we believe are of correct type, of good temperament, and with, power and grace. In short, fine examples of the breed.

We support our breed and have been active committee members of the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Western Australia for over a decade. We happily share knowledge with those that are interested; and socialise our dogs so they will become ambassadors for the breed and show our dedication. The time and money that we invest in the love of our dogs isn’t a true measure of how we feel; and the price we charge for our puppies is never profit, but an investment into the next generation of Amstaffs.

Our plan is not for the next generation but for future generations; with specific goals of producing superior Amstaffs. We have studied the Amstaff breed thoroughly, understanding strengths and weaknesses; and combined with good breeding practices and sound genetic principles will achieve our goals.

 Families purchasing their forever puppy from us will be supported throughout the pups life; we do not impose ourselves on the relationship between you and the newest member of your family; but are there for you if you need tips on raising your puppy. This starts with a four week in-house puppy pre-school and information booklet.



Foundation dog Tothemax Look for a Star "Nitro". 


Foundation bitch Aust. CH. Tothemax Xquisite Gift "Meika".

2005 -

Mating of Aust. CH. Uncas Chief Redcloud "Hagar" and Aust. CH. Tothemax Xquisite Gift "Meika" produced our first two IROQ home bred champions; Aust. CH. IROQ Reckless "Angel" and Aust. CH. IROQ I.B.Trouble "Zoe". 

2008 -

December 2008 saw the mating of home bred Aust. CH. IROQ Reckless with Aust. CH. ZForce Freedom Fighter "Fedele" producing two more Australian Champions; Aust. CH. IROQ Just Cruzin "Cruze" and Aust. CH. IROQ In Vogue "Vogue".

2008 -

Saw the arrival of ZForce Flirtin at Irok "Flirt" from Donna Hamilton at ZForce Kennels.

2009 -

Aust. CH. Just Cruzin "Cruze" runner up in American Staffordshire Terrier Club Specialty Show under Mrs Kellog (USA) at 7 months old.

2009 -

Mating of Sire Am. CH. MICHL R Boomerang (USA) "Boomer" (Willingwood line) and Dam Aust. CH. Starznstripz Dream Baby, at ZForce producing ZForce Ringside Riot "Riot" and CH. Neuter Aust. CH. ZForce Stop n Stare "Elle". Riot arrived at IROQ July 2009.

2011 -

Aust. & Neut CH. ZForce Stop n Stare "Elle" arrived at IROQ.

2012 -

Mating of Sire Aust. CH. IROQ Just Cruzin "Cruze"  and DAM Aust. & Neut CH. ZForce Stop n Stare "Elle" in June produced Grand CH. IROQ in Harmony "Harmony".

2013 -

 Grand CH. IROQ in Harmony "Harmony" Best in Specialty Show at the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Western Australia Specialty Show under Zane Smith (USA).

2013 -

Marion and Steve travelled to Serbia meeting with Darko Zivanovic - Long Step, who introduced us to legends of the breed like White Head of Long Step and Penny of Long Step. Darko showed us a four week old litter (born 30.06.2013) from Sire MK. CH. SRB. JR CH. Lord of Staffs Best Playmate (SWE) and Dam Cuda's Intelligent of Tony (SRB). We were fortunate enough for Darko to allow us to pick a puppy to bring back to Australia; 

2014 -

Grand CH. IROQ in Harmony "Harmony" Best in Specialty Show at the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Victoria Specialty Show under Hana Brezinba (Czech Republic)

2014 -

Grand CH. IROQ in Harmony "Harmony" Runner Up Best in Specialty Show at the American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Western Australia Specialty Show under Clint Hoeben (NZ).

2015 -

CH. Elisabeth of Skywalkeramstaff "Beth" and Pandora of Skywalkeramstaff "Pandora" born at Skywalker Amstaff Kennel in Serbia.

2016 -

CH. Elisabeth of Skywalkeramstaff (Imp SRB) "Beth" and Pandora of Skywalkeramstaff (Imp SRB) "Pandora" imported from Damir Markov Skywalker Amstaff Kennel, Serbia.

2017 -

BIS/BISS G CH. Multi CH. Alpine's Catch Me If You Can "Chase" Semen imported from Karen and Ed Thomason Alpine Falls Kennel. Surgical AI in Aust. CH. IROQ Second Edition "Syan" and Aust. CH. Montana Storm "Montana".